Thursday 21 May 2015

5th CSC Team Tournament

5th CSC Team Tournament
Sacred Heart Primary School

Eight teams were in action and they competed over the course of two rounds played on the Jamboree system.

It was an early start to the day as we were featured on Ali Brownlee's Radio Tees Breakfast Show.

Together with Sacred Heart's long-term chess TA Rachel Trotter and Saran Hill (the winner of the school's UK Chess Challenge) we chatted about the impending chess tournament and about the Chess in Schools and Communities charity in general.

 'Live' on air: Saran talked the listeners through the basic moves of the pieces.

Photo tweeted by Ali Brownlee from the studio
On to the tournament, and the first of the two Jamboree rounds saw Billingham South and Throston - both former champions - storm into a shared lead.

Throston kept the pace going for the second round and managed to win all of their games, but Billingham South dropped two points which saw their challenge falter.

Ultimately, as Throston were crowned as champions, Billingham South held on to a share of second place with Whale Hill.

Here are the final placings, in reverse order.

8th: Brambles
7th: Sacred Heart B
6th: Dormanstown
5th: Sacred Heart A
4th: Ings Farm
=2nd: Billingham South and Whale Hill
1st: Throston (with a 100% score)

All players received a certificate and there were medals for Throston, Billingham South and Whale Hill.
Sacred Heart B
Sacred Heart A
Ings Farm
Billingham South
Whale Hill

Roll of Honour

2011: Ings Farm and Throston
2012: Ings Farm and Billingham South
2013  Throston
2014: Errington
2015: Throston

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