Tuesday 9 June 2015

CSC Teesside at the 2015 Megafinals: Part 2

Following on from the previous Megafinal report, here is a summary of our Gigafinal qualifiers.

Northumbria Megafinal

U-7 Suprema: Emily Lynn

U-8 Suprema: Libby Ogden

Gigafinal qualifiers

The two above, plus Kaitlin Eglintine (U-11 G) and James Vasey (U-11 B)

York Megafinal

U-9 Suprema:  Leia McCusker (Westgarth)
Co-champion: Lili-Grace Giles (Westgarth)

U-10 Co-champion: Jack Blackburn (Errington)

Gigafinal qualifiers

All of the above, plus...

Nathan Li (Whale Hill) (U-8 B)

Brogan Atkinson (Ings Farm), Daniel Palmer (Wheatlands), Finlay Wardle (Ings Farm), Ashton Dawkin (Errington) (all U-9 B)

Zoe Hill (Westgarth), Zoe Coates (Errington) (both U-10 G)

Yarm School at the York Megafinal

U-7 Suprema: Grace Crawford
U-7 Supremo: Ajay Selvan
Co-champion: Ben Meager

U-8 Suprema: Sara Tryambake

U-10 Supremo: Jake Meager

U-13 Supremo: Yash Gulve

Gigafinal qualifiers

All of the above, plus...

Ammar Soni, Adhithyan Dinakaran, Gaurav Kannan (all U-9 B)

Edward Adams, Ihsaan Mahmood, Matthew Anthony (all U-10 B)

James Thomson, Abhinav Ramisetty (both U-11 B)

Here are a few more photos from the Megafinals.

Back in 2011, Victoria Lynn won the Northumbria Megafinal. This year, her younger sister Emily repeated the success, so we repeated the photo poses too.



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