Wednesday 31 July 2013

Patty Griffin At The Union Chapel

Patty Griffin
Union Chapel, Islington

Two consecutive evenings of Patty Griffin! It seems I can already die a happy man.

Yesterday I reported on the show at the Glee Club (Birmingham). 24 hours later we were in Islington at the Union Chapel. Located just a few minutes walk from the Highbury and Islington tube station, the Union Chapel - a working church - is an incredible venue.

Easily spotted as one heads away from the tube station

The acoustic and atmosphere are tailor made for such an intimate and powerful concert. I queued for about an hour to ensure a front row (or, more accurately, front pew) seat and curiously enough found myself enjoying an almost exactly opposite viewpoint from the one at the Glee Club.

The set list brought a couple of changes from the previous evening (plus a few amendments in the running order). Trapeze made way for Irish Boy (another song from ''American Kid'') and House Of Gold was replaced by Coming Home To Me (one ''Downtown Church'' song for another - appropriate material anyway, given the  venue).

It hardly needs stating that the show was excellent and saw Patty and David Pulkingham continue their superb form from the previous evening. The magnificence of the venue had at least one stunning impact on proceedings; when the outside light faded, the atmosphere inside the church changed repeatedly as less light filtered through the beautiful stained glass windows. The interior candles appeared to brighten by way of contrast, deepening the mood as the evening progressed.

Set List

Waiting For My Child
Faithful Son
Please Don't Let Me Die In Florida
Stay On The Ride
Wild Old Dog
The Strange Man
Up To The Mountain (MLK Song)
Irish Boy
Flaming Red
Get Ready Marie
Top Of The World
Go Wherever You Want To Go
No Bad News


Gonna Miss You When You're Gone
Coming Home To Me

I enjoyed both evenings tremendously and am looking forward to a return trip to the Union Chapel whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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