Monday 8 July 2013

Dana Fuchs: Bliss Avenue

Bliss Avenue
Dana Fuchs
Track List

Bliss Avenue
How Did Things Get This Way
Handful Too Many
Livin’ On Sunday
So Hard To Move
Daddy’s Little Girl
Rodents In The Attic
Baby Loves The Life
Nothin’ On My Mind
Keep On Walkin’
Vagabond Wind
Long Long Game

Dana Fuchs is another new artist to me. Right from the start, one thing is clear: she sings with such passion and feeling there is little doubt that the each and every song really means something. No punches are pulled at any stage during the 12 songs.  “If there’s one line that sounds thrown away or dialled in, it has to be redone,” says Dana. “Every word needs to express the emotion of the song or no one will get it and it leaves me cold.”

The emotion is understandable; the songs cover subjects such as her brother's death and the loneliness brought on by life on the road. “I’m excited for people, especially those fans who have stuck so close with me, to hear Bliss Avenue,” says Dana, “because I really purged my soul in a starker, more naked way, both lyrically and musically.''

All of the songs were written by Dana and guitarist Jon Diamond (with tracks 3 and 7 enlisting more collaborators). Musically, we find ourselves firmly in the blues genre - primarily the rock end of town - with roots and soul showing their hands at various times over the course of the album. There's even a touch of Gospel on Livin' On Sunday. There are several changes of pace, from up-tempo rockers such as How Did Things Get This Way to the slower offerings like So Hard To Move.

The theme running through the whole of Bliss Avenue is the pursuit of happiness despite adverse (even desperate) circumstances. Interestingly, the effect is to create an air of positivity rather than downbeat blues.

Stand out tracks: Bliss Avenue, So Hard To Move, Rodents in the Attic, Vagabond Wind.

There's a very interesting interview with Dana about the making of Bliss Avenue here.

For further information, head for the official Dana Fuchs website.

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