Monday, 6 July 2015

CSC Teesside Training Day 2015

This year's CSC Teesside Training Day once again utilised the fabulous venue of the City Learning Centre based at Acklam Grange School.

The day attracted delegates not only from our Teesside Schools but from much further afield too, with Andrew Green's journey from Edinburgh being a record travelling distance for one of our events.

Working alongside my trusty assistant Rachel Trotter (recent star of Radio Tees and photographer for this report) we delivered a day of material based on our school lessons and CSC curriculum, with plenty of mini-games, discussions on the merits of chess in schools, the expansion of junior chess on Teesside and many other subjects. We even indulged in a little bit of role play along the way.

It was a great privilege to work with such an outstanding group, whose skills and experience ranged from total novices all the way to Scotland's national junior chess coach.

Thank you, everyone - it was a wonderful day!

Sue names the colour of a selected square correctly - without sight of the board
And so - it begins...
Mini-games with pawns
Sue and Kay pointing the way to success
Judy and Nicola showing their competitive spirit
The pointing has become infectious on this board
Steph demonstrating how to move like a bishop
Eddie enjoys moving like a rook
Queen Anna!

More mini-games: Anna vs. Andrew 
More pointing on this board!
Sue defending King Andrew from the 'evil' Queen Judy
Can the king escape the dungeon?
Checkmate practice!
A solution is found
Question 2 is the hardest on the sheet
Anna and Andrew closing in on the answers
Is this checkmate...?
That is! 
Eddie has found the move!
Playing the Ultimate King Hunt. Andrew eventually
delivered checkmate to the lone king.


Kay E said...

It was a brilliant day Sean. Delivered with your usual humour it was just what I required and hopefully I'll be able to take chess forward in my school and encourage more attendees at the next training day. It was great to see you again and thanks for all you do for chess, the Teesside area and the children of Teesside

Sean Marsh said...

Thank you for your very kind comments, Kay.

It was great to see you again too and I felt the day was a great success thanks to the way in which everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion.

Thank you too for your five years of continuous support (long may it continue)!