Wednesday, 15 July 2015

CSC Teesside: Special Events (3)

To round off a busy and very successful year at Whale Hill Primary, we invited the parents and grandparents of the Y3 children to come along for an afternoon featuring a shared chess session.

We talked the parents through the basics of the Chess in Schools and Communities project and asked all of the children to talk about their favourite memories from the year.

Some of the parents already knew how to play chess but for those who didn't we introduced the basic moves of the pawn and queen as a precursor to an hour or so of mini-games featuring those pieces.

Then children then selected a playing partner and after every couple of games they switched around, in an attempt to play all of the parents.

The afternoon was a great success and one which we are intending to repeat not just at Whale Hill but at our other CSC Teesside schools too.

Father and son - Jack and Stuart. Stuart was in my county squads back in the 1990s

Nathan (right) played at the UKCC Gigafinal last weekend

Just look at that eyeballing!
The children are surprised...hmmm - these parents play well!

Chess - still a fabulous family game!

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