Thursday, 8 May 2014

Suggs At The Civic

Suggs: My Life Story
Darlington Civic Theatre
Suggs brought his entertaining, funny and moving show back to the North East and played to an absolutely packed out Darlington Civic.

This was the third time I had seen his show, following on from the King's Head Theatre, Islington in 2011 and The Arc in 2013. Repetition does not dull the experience.

This time, the written version of his book is finally available after a lengthy delay so his current tour should provide plenty of publicity to push up the sales.

The book - and the show - are both highly recommended. The book expands considerably on the story but the show has the obvious benefit of Suggs himself relating the anecdotes directly to the audience.

Follow the Suggs news and tour dates over at the official website.

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