Monday, 19 May 2014

Coco Montoya: Songs From The Road

Songs From The Road
Coco Montoya
Songs From The Road is a series of live recordings from RUF records. We have previously reviewed similar cuts from Oli Brown, Royal Brotherhood of Soul and Savoy Brown. Today sees the release of the latest album in the series, this time featuring bluesman Coco Montoya.

Track List


I Got A Mind To Travel
Hey Senorita
Too Much Water
The One Who Really Loves You
Love Jail
Don't Go Makin' Plans
I Wish I Could Be That Strong


Fannie Mae
I Need Your Love In My Life
Good Days, Bad Days
I Want It All Back
I Won't Beg
You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now
My Side Of The Fence

The recordings were made on 2012 and 2013 at The Triple Door, Seattle.

Other CDs in the series have included a DVD of the show as the second disc. I wondered why we needed two discs just for the audio version on this occasion but it soon became apparent: Good Days, Bad Days runs for over 15 minutes and three more tracks crash through the 10-minute mark (with a number of others not too far behind).

Yes, Coco Montoya - a former member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - pulls no punches as he unleashes a double helping of powerful blues, drawing on his lifetime of experience to deliver a pulsating set of extended songs.


Coco Montoya - Vocals and guitar
Rena Beavers - Drums and vocals
Nathan Brown - Bass
Brant Leeper - Keyboards and vocals

It may 'only' be a four-man band, but the richness of the sound and the quality of the musicianship makes it sound like a stage full of people.

Stand out tracks include the scene-setting I Got A Mind To Travel, the big, bluesy Too Much Water and the final rock-out of My Side of the Fence. Audience reaction has been retained on the recording and they sound like they are having as much fun as the band. The whole thing has a definite feel good atmosphere, which can't fail to lift the spirits of the listener.

Keep up to date with the latest Coco Montoya news over at his official website.

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