Saturday 5 April 2014

CSC Teesside: Easter Update

CSC Teesside
Easter Update

The previous update covered the start of our new working relationship with Barclaycard.

The volunteer scheme, which sees Barclaycard volunteers helping with the curriculum sessions at our Teesside schools, has got off to a flying start. The children are enjoying meeting - and challenging! - the volunteers and the project has added an extra dimension to our sessions.

This week brought another training day at the Teesside Barclaycard offices, with John Foley and Andrew Moore preparing two new groups of volunteers for their challenging times ahead.

Our schools have signed up for the online Yes2Chess community and the children are looking forward to competing against junior players from a number of different countries

Meanwhile, it seems that the Teesside Barclaycard offices have gone chess crazy. The CSC sent them some extra chess sets and games have been breaking out all over the place. There was even a chess cake on the go (long gone by the time we got there, of course...)

A Barclaycard insider (let's call him ''Matt'') told me (as he wiped away distinct traces of chocolate and jam from his mouth):  ''Several colleagues worked together to create this masterpiece and it took in excess of 20 combined hours (I can only take credit for the flags). Each chess piece was painstakingly handmade and the cake itself is actually six small cakes stuck together. The pictures don’t quite get across how big it is but it’s almost 1 square metre! I don’t want to make you all jealous but I have to say  it tastes as good as it looks...''

Perhaps we need to change our name to CCSC (''Chess and Cakes in Schools and Communities...?'')

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