Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Skinny Molly: Haywire Riot

Skinny Molly
Haywire Riot

Skinny Molly's new CD falls into the genre of Southern hard rock; indeed, the hard edges take it virtually into metal territory. No surprise, then, to see the roots showing (musically and nomenclature-wise);  Mike Estes (formerly of Lynard Skynyrd) and Dave Hlubeck (formerly of Molly Hatchet) are key members of the band.

Haywire Riot explodes as it means to go on, with three and half minutes of guitar-heavy rock. The pace only slows as we move into the second half of the track list, with Lie To Me, which has more of a blues feel to it than the rest. Shut Up And Rock immediately follows to prove that the slackening of pace isn't going to become a habit.

Stand out tracks for me are If You Don't Care and After You.

Track List

If You Don't Care
Devil In The Bottle
Two Good Wheels
Too Bad To Be True
Judge Parker
Bitin' The Dog
Lie To Me
Shut Up And Rock
After You
None Of Me No More
Dodgin' Bullets

Heavy and uncompromising, Haywire Riot is due out on 12 November, with a full UK running from 22 November to 8 December.

See Skinny Molly's official website and the Ruf Records site for further details.

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