Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Otis Grand: Blues '65

Otis Grand
Blues '65

Following the heavier content of this week's other two CDs, Blues '65 is an altogether lighter affair. It's an unashamed celebration of the sounds of 1965, a time when everything was radio-friendly and catchy. These are the sounds that influenced Otis Grand during his teenage years.

Guitarist Magazine voted Otis ''one of the top 50 greatest Blues guitarists who ever walked the earth'' and B.B. King is quoted as saying, ''Otis plays the guitar like I did when I was young.''

No fewer than 13 musicians are credited on Blues '65. Sugar Ray Norcia provides the majority of the vocals and the whole thing is given a blistering kick courtesy of the five-piece horn section.

Classics from the era rub shoulders with new songs, all sharing the common mission statement: ''If it's not danceable it's not recordable.''

The opener - Pretend - is a well-known favourite, familiar to listeners of various eras, whether in the form of the Nat King Cole, Carl Mann or Alvin Stardust versions. It's lively and energetic and it sets the scene very well for what is to follow.

But don't take my word for it - have a listen for yourself:


The liner notes offer a list of highlights of 1965 to set the music in context. An average house in the UK cost £3,660; Elvis was Crying in the Chapel and Trigger (the horse) died.

Blues '65 is an energetic and triumphant exercise in nostalgia.

Track List

Who Will The Next Fool Be
Bad News Blues On TV
Rumba Conga Twist
Do You Remember (When)
I Washed My Hand In Muddy Water
Midnight Blues
Please Don't Leave
In Your Backyard
The Shag Shuffle
Warning Blues
Those Days Are Gone
Baby Please (Don't Tease)

Stand out tracks: Pretend, Midnight Blues, Those Days Are Gone.

Head for Otis Grand's official website and the GFI Promotions site for further details.

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