Saturday 16 October 2010

Mike Closs Memorial Tournament: Pictorial Report

Mike Closs Memorial Tournament
La Fez

Event 2 in our memorial season was a themed tournament at La Fez Mexican Restaurant in Marske-by-Sea.

The theme of the event was 'Mike's specialist chess openings'. A random selection at the start of each round determined which opening the players had to adopt and a random selection of colours made things even tougher for those who like to prepare properly for their games!

The full scores and a couple of games will follow. Meanwhile, here's a pictorial report on an excellent day of chess, friendship, food and fun.

Elliot Closs

John Garnett: team mate of Mike's during Elmwood's golden spell

David Baillie v Mike Creaney
Mike's team mates at Redcar and The Griffin respectively

Chris Duggan: club mate during Mike's spell at Middlesbrough
Chris came all the way back from London to play!

Niall Garner, one of our top juniors.
Mike was always asking about the up-and-coming stars.

Get me a crocodile sandwich - and make it snappy!

Authentic Mexican pretend cactus

Aidan Garner. Likes: chess, Doctor Who and puns. My kind of guy.

Dave Edmunds v Norman Stephenson
Mike's club mates at Redcar and Middlesbrough respectively.

Kevin Winter v Ian Elcoate
Kevin played at Guisborough many years ago, when Mike was a member. He came all the way from Bradford to support the event. Ian played alongside Mike for the Middlesbrough Rooks.

Dhruv and Arjun Tapasvi
Two more excellent juniors Mike would have enjoyed playing.

The Mexican buffet was very tasty indeed.
But who is that helping herself...?

It's Natalie Garner - TV star! Did you see her terrific performance in 'Inspector George Gently' a few weeks ago? Don't worry if you missed it, because it surely won't be too long before Natalie is on our screens again.

Just about the only time I sat down all day.

Sebastian provided top service at La Fez.

Kevin 'I'll have this photo for Facebook' Winter

Ian Elcoate. Would you buy a second-hand website from this man?

Father v son - James Garner 1, Niall Garner 0!

Serious stuff now as we reach the semi-finals.

Mr. Closs plays the Danish Gambit!
Now that is history repeating itself...

The final begins! Julian Allinson v David Wise
Julian played in the same team as Mike
back in our Guisborough days.
David was a Middlesbrough club mate.

Another all-Garner clash.

Meanwhile, over at the final, Bxf7+ has landed...
It looks like trouble for Julian...

Now e5-e6 has arrived, opening up deadly
possibilities against Julian's King...

Heavy Royal presence on the board...

Time is running out for both sides...

Is there any way for Julian to survive the attack?

Not long to go!

And Julian has done it!
A sporting smile from David as he somehow ends
up a piece down with no compensation.

Pointing out a few key moments.

Mike Creaney, winner of the 5-minute tournament,
receiving his trophy from Sandra Closs.

Second place for David Wise.

Julian Allinson is the champion!

Thank you to everyone who took part.
It was definitely one of the most enjoyable events I have ever organised.

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