Sunday 16 November 2014

5th Mike Closs Memorial Tournament

5th Mike Closs Memorial Tournament

The fifth tournament in this successful series took place at Marsh Towers today.

The format was a quadruple all-play-all tournament of Blitz chess (five minutes on each clock). Julian Allinson was out to defend his title and (former champion) David Baillie, Dave Edmunds and Ian Elcoate were all trying to stop him.

The trophy
There were plenty of lively games, some brilliant attacking skill, resourceful defending and, of course the occasional blunder here and there.

Julian already held a commanding lead after the first cycle of matches.

Julian 5.5/6
Dave E. 3/6
David B. 2/6
Ian 1.5/6
The chess players chose to watch a chess DVD during the interval
Julian was almost as strong again in the second cycle, but he did suffer a brace of very rare defeats at the hands of Dave Edmunds and David Baillie. However, the reigning champion managed to maintain his composure to ensure he took the title and trophy once more.

Final Scores

Julian 9.5/12
Dave E. 7/12
Ian 4/12
David B. 3.5/12
The champion - for the fourth time in five years!
Second: Dave was delighted with his silver coins

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The 6th Mike Closs Memorial Tournament will be held some time in 2015.

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