Friday, 5 September 2014

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest
Harold Pinter Theatre, London
Oscar Wilde's ''Trivial Comedy for Serious People'' was given the star treatment at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

What a fabulous cast, assembled by the Bunbury Company of Players! I had a front row seat to enjoy the delights of such heavyweights of the acting world trade Wilde's witty one-liners.

In particular, the scenes witnessing Martin Jarvis and Nigel Havers in full flow as they try to verbally outdo each other were a magnificent sight and terrifically entertaining.

The unusual thing about this production was the framing device, which used scenes written by Simon Brett to top and tail the play. The idea was to excuse the age of the cast in relation to the characters they were depicting, by employing the conceit of having an amateur company of players running through Wilde's masterpiece in preparation of their opening night. This also involved occasionally breaking the fourth wall a couple of times during the main body of the play. I'm not so sure this device was entirely necessary; the cast was certainly strong enough to deflect from the age issue.

Anyway, it was all great fun and whatever devices may or may not be used as we discover why it is so important to be Earnest, the play remains...
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