Sunday, 21 September 2014

Keith Thompson Band: Catch The Fire

Catch the Fire 
Keith Thompson Band
Catch the Fire is Keith Thompson's eighth album. The band, featuring Roy Adams and Neil Simpson, has been touring extensively on the festival circuit, all the way from Croatia to the USA. Keith has also served serious time as a session musician and his work has even appeared on computer games, such as Grand Prix 2 and Over the Hedge, providing ample evidence to support his versatility as a musician.

Track List

Angel Fire - Alpha
Paid My Dues
Burning The Playhouse Down
Don't Come Running To Me
She's Too Hot
Getting Ready For The Burn
Access Denied
Little Wing
Send Your Fire
Wrong Side Of The Bed
Keeper Of The Flame
Angel Fire - Omega

All songs were written and composed by Keith, with the solitary exception of Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix).

Fire is a recurring theme throughout the album, as the song titles will happily confirm - all the way, in fact, from Alpha to Omega. There's lots of great riffs on display and there's a good mix of fast, rock-blues (starting with Money) and slower numbers (such as Crazy).

Highlights include the sax-enhanced toe-tapper Don't Come Running To Me and Getting Ready For The Burn, featuring a blistering guest appearance from the Laurence Jones. Buddy Whittington also makes a brace of welcome guest appearances, on Burning The Playhouse Down and Restless - both of which can safely be marked down as further highlights.

All in all, Catch The Fire offers a considerable slice of feelgood blues with a good range of tempi. Fans of riff-driven blues should definitely give it a try.

The Keith Thompson Band are currently on a tour of the UK. Check out the tour dates and other news over at Keith's official website.

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