Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Christina Skjolberg: Come And Get It

Come And Get It
Christina Skjolberg
Formerly ''Norway's best-kept secret'', Christina Skjolberg has now been unleashed on the rest of the world. Come And Get It is her debut studio album and it is a big statement of intent.

Track List

Come And Get It
Close The Door
Get On
Moving On
I'm Back
Mrs. Funk
Nag Blues

The title track kicks things off in powerful fashion, living up to Christina's own description of her music. ''As you will hear, my influences are deeply rooted in the '70s, with a mix of blues, rock and funk.'' Yes, all of those boxes are definitely ticked here, with the funky bass vying for attention with the blistering guitar solos. Keyboards add an extra dimension of tracks such as Close The Door.

The pace only drops a little as we head to the halfway point, with the more bluesy Moving On, but Inspiration steams rapidly in immediately afterwards to blast away and doubts as to where the general direction of the album is headed. Come And Get It concludes with two final slices clearly highlighting Christina's musical roots, with the self-explanatory Mrs. Funk and the toe-tapping, up-tempo Nag Blues.

Christina was given free reign to ''write and record any type of songs I liked'' and her personality shines through the whole 11-song experience. ''I had a fantastic time writing and recording this album and I hope that you'll have a good time listening to it, too.''

It looks like Ruf Records have signed another winner and we should expect to hear a lot more of Christina Skjolberg. ''I'm very proud to be a part of Ruf Records and fortunate to have this fantastic opportunity to spread my music around the world.''

Christina Skjolberg website and the GFI Promotions site.

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