Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Little Devils: About Time

Little Devils
About Time
Little Devils - formed in 2010 - have just released their third CD. About Time features six songs plus an alternative version of the opening track, The Waiter.

Track List

The Waiter (Sax Version)
Good Times
Hang My Head
No Love Lost
Walking Disaster
Another Pack of Lies
The Waiter (Harp Version)

It's 21st Century Blues; busy, energetic songs - instantly catchy, yet with plenty of depth and scope to reward repeat playings.

The Waiter (Sax Version) is a terrific opening statement of intent. The sax is utilized frequently and effectively, soaring above the solid rhythm and driving guitar. Meanwhile, Yoka's powerful, bluesy voice demands the listener's attention and keeps it held firmly throughout.

The frantic pace drops - bit only slightly - for the Good Times, a plea for ''a little sunshine'' to recover from ''another broken heart in a world that's full of pain''.

Hang My Head is one the slower numbers on the EP. A song of regret, it builds from blues ballad to a satisfying conclusion. No Love Lost is in a similar style, at least initially, but the guitar drives it onward and upwards to a faster pace.

Walking Disaster is one of the catchiest songs. The piano and sax transport the listener to an earlier time - smokey bar rooms, slinky vocals and a large slice of swagger.

Another Pack Of Lies is a blues ballad confirming the range of Little Devils. Yoka's voice and melancholy sax are well up to the task of presenting the bitter sweet tale.

The Waiter (Harp Version) brings the EP (almost) back to where it started. The alternative version works well, offering the listener a sense of familiarity combined with a certain freshness. It made me want to replay the whole lot through immediately, which I duly did.

Fittingly, the subject of time manifests itself throughout the EP. Indeed, the band's own notes highlight desire to showcase their musical development over the last couple of years. Concluding with an alternative version of the opening song brings the subject of time back with a satisfying full circle.

Good Times are not confined to song titles; this is an impressive and original set of songs, delivered with aplomb and whetting the appetite for more.

Little Devils must be great live. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see them some time in 2014.

Keep an eye on their official website for the latest Little Devils news.


The Dutch Diva said...

Great review, thank you! hope to see you soon at one of our gigs.

Sean Marsh said...

You are very welcome.

I'm looking forward to seeing you play live (after which, a full review of the gig will follow here, of course).