Monday 6 May 2013

Ian Siegal At The Arc

Ian Siegal
The Arc, Stockton

Ian Siegal made a triumphant return to The Arc last week. In contrast to last time he was in town, when he was with his band, he was solo for this gig. He played a mixture of traditional blues and contemporary blues with the occasional hint of Gospel thrown in for good measure.

No two Siegal shows are the same. As far as set lists go, he ''don't use 'em - don't believe in 'em'' and just plays what he feels is right for the moment.

He played two sets (50 minutes for the first, 70 for the second) and played songs from various stages of his career plus a number of covers from the likes of Steve Earle and the recently departed ''legend of Glasgow, my hero Big George Ross Watt.''

He interspersed the songs with the occasional witty anecdote and observation, such as his uncanny impression of Billy Connolly. At one point he asked for the house lights to be put on so he could see the audience and said, ''it's just like being in my front room; I'm drunk and it's full of strangers.''

The tour continues throughout May. Head to his official website for further details.

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