Monday, 16 April 2012

Bard: The Springtime Fool

It's time to catch up with some new music which arrived at Marsh Towers a short time ago. Later in the week we'll take a look at the recent releases from Hillfolk Noir and The Cactus Blossoms, but we'll start with the new CD from Bard.

The Springtime Fool
Earlier in the year I reviewed Bard's three-track EP. They have now followed it up with a full CD of songs and are currently touring the UK.

The three songs from the EP are included on The Springtime Fool alongside nine new ones.

Track List

Born In London Town
Down Into The Sea
Rambling With You
Drums Of Freedom
Beating Of My Heart
Peace, My Mind
Late Afternoon
Married By The Sea
The Springtime Fool
Our Love Is Strong
What I Need

Violets, Born In London Town and Beating Of My Heart Head are the three tracks which were on the EP. The new songs display good variety, from the pacey, optimistic ballad Rambling With You through the moralistic slow-burner Late Afternoon to the more traditional folk offerings such as Married By The Sea.

Theo Bard has an unusual vocal style; a distinctive voice with an unorthodox delivery, sometimes verging on the spoken word rather than conventional singing and somewhat reminiscent of a wandering medieval minstrel. There's a lot of words - the book of lyrics, included with the CD, runs just over 10 pages - and the songs tell thoughtful stories over ever-growing, catchy tunes.

As before, I found the clarinet particularly effective, lifting the songs at just the right times.

Head to the official website to learn more about Bard. There's more information on this page of the Brookfield Knights site too.

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