Friday, 6 May 2011

Guisborough R&B: Nine Below Zero

Guisborough Rhythm and Blues Festival
Part 3
Nine Below Zero

After the various acts we enjoyed during the day and Oli Brown's impressive early evening performance, it was time for the Festival finale, featuring 'Nine Below Zero'.

Kevin had been telling me for some time that they were a great live band; they were the reason we booked our day tickets in the first place. They certainly didn't disappoint and treated the intimate gathering to a blistering 100 minutes of high-octane blues from all stages of their 30+ year career.

Founder member Mark Feltham on Harmonica

Brendan O'Neill - fast hands!

After the dance floor filled up and obscured our view, Kevin and I took up residence at the side of the stage and enjoyed a close up view of the action for the rest of the evening.

Founder member Dennis Greaves in the shades

Gerry McAvoy on bass

That's quite a collection of Harmonicas

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day and I hope to return for more of the same next year.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Guisborough Rhythm and Blues Club website for details of future events.

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