Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mike Closs Memorial Season: 2011 Plans

2011 marks the start of many things, including the second half of our Mike Closs Memorial Season.

January's 'Game of the Month' is now available for your entertainment. It shows Mike on the Black side of one of his favourite openings - the Sicilian Dragon.

Thanks again to Peter Lalic for his superb commentary, presentation and continued support.

Don't forget to pop along to Peter's site, which features a huge amount of excellent material for you to enjoy.

For earlier 'Game of the Month' features, please visit:

Mike Closs Memorial site.

The final three memorial events are in the planning stages and details will follow as soon as they are confirmed. Here's a sneak preview of what I'm going to do:

Event 4: 'Chesstermind/Lectures' Combining a number of lectures based on Mike's games with a Chesstermind contest. Which of the specially chosen chess experts will triumph when they pit their wits over one round of specialist chess knowledge and one round of general chess knowledge? Target date: April

Event 5: 'Evening meal' Target date: May
Event 6: '5-minute tournament' Who can handle the pressure and prove themselves as King of the Blitz? Target date: June

All events are by invitation only.

Plenty to look forward to in 2011!

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