Saturday, 2 May 2009

Friday Fun

Paddy Ashdown was at the Middlesbrough branch of Waterstones yesterday, signing copies of his autobiography, 'A Fortunate Life'.

I like to support local signing events so took the opportunity to drop in on the way to work.

After work was another treat - a trip to Redcar's 'Bengal Spice', with three very good friends (all former chess opponents).

Norman Stephenson, David Wise, SM, Ray Honeybourne.

The 'Osmani Delight' was rather tasty, but even at the end of the evening Ray remained unconvinced about the merits of playing 'The Lion' opening.


Anonymous said...

So much internet stuff to catch up with!

Great photos! Have you delved into the book yet?

Sean Marsh said...

I have yet to delve into the book but I'm sure it will be a good read.

The photo taken by the waiter is rather out of focus. The camera controls must be isomorphic. Or perhaps the venue had too much of a chilli haze.

Susan Briscoe said...

LOL! Ray's still into his curries then? Say hello from me & ask him to drop me a line sometime.