Sunday 3 July 2016

7th Mike Closs Memorial Tournament

Four players contested this year's Mike Closs Memorial Tournament. The venue, for the fourth consecutive year, was Marsh Towers.

The defending champion, Julian Allinson, was back to try and defend his title and former champion David Baillie was one of the three challengers out to try and stop him. Julian and David are the only two people to have played in all seven memorial tournaments. They were joined by Kevin Winter, who has played in most of the events, and fellow CSC Teesside tutor, Richard Harris, who was making his debut.

The players selected an envelope to determine their number in the draw for pairings.

Play was soon underway...with just five minutes on each clock.

The first cycle in the 'all-play-all four times' allowed the players to use their favourite openings, but the second cycle imposed randomly drawn openings that were all based on Mike's favourites; mainly very sharp gambits.

At the end of the first cycle, the defending champion had already staked a strong claim to be crowned again.

First Cycle

5.5/6: Julian Allinson
3/6: David Baillie
2.5/6: Kevin Winter
1/6: Richard Harris

The second cycle saw the following openings: Sicilian Wing Gambit, Sicilian Dragon, Modern Defence, Black Lion, Modern Benoni and Milner-Barry Gambit.

Second Cycle

4.5/6: Julian Allinson
3.5/6: Kevin Winter
2.5/6: Richard Harris
1.5/6: David Baillie

Kevin and Richard both won more points in the themed cycle than they did in the first, whereas Julian and Dave did the opposite. Nevertheless, Julian, despite losing a game against Richard, had already done more than enough to secure first place.

Final Scores 

10/12: Julian Allinson
6/12: Kevin Winter
4.5/12: David Baillie
3.5/12: Richard Harris
Julian takes the title again!
Well played, everyone!
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