Tuesday 18 June 2013

Federal Charm

Federal Charm
Track List

Gotta Give It Up
I'm Not Gonna Beg
No Money Down
Somebody Help Me
The Stray
There's A Light
Tell Your Friends
Come On Down
Any Other Day
Too Blind To See

Hailing from Manchester, Federal Charm is a big sounding rock band with blues influences and real presence. Indeed, it's the rock side of things that takes centre stage, genre-wise. It's a big sound, to be sure - heavy on guitar riffs and energetic drumming, with vocals bordering on metal.

The pace rarely dips from 100 mph but there are a couple of tracks (Somebody Help Me and The Stray, plus the cover version of Reconsider) for which the needle hovers slightly more to a slower blues sound.

The album is marked by the swagger of self confidence; that's no bad thing of course and Federal Charm look set to break out from club land and into the wider world. Their big sound cannot be restrained!

In the the words of guitarist Paul Bowe: ''The songs aim for a bit more of a commercial vibe, as a lot of kids are buying blues rock again. We can’t wait for the CD sales to start happening, but we love playing live. At the moment we’re happy as long as we can eat and put gas in the tank. There are a lot of bands out there, but we have a collective belief and confidence that good product and a good band will always rise to the top.''

It will be interesting to follow their inevitable progress.

Stand out tracks: Gotta Give It Up; Somebody Help Me; The Stray

Federal Charm will be released on 1 July.

For further details, including tour dates, please visit their official website.

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