Monday, 25 February 2013


I have decided to master the art of juggling.

I am convinced that with a good deal of practice it is possible to reach a fair degree of proficiency. I've seen it done, many times.

Concentration is definitely required
So is a daring streak
Flexibility can be useful too
My sister bought me a juggling kit some time ago
Now, let's see - that's one in the air
Now two are on the go
All three - and still one hand free to use the camera!
Of course, there is a very good reason why I want to take up juggling. Next time I do the weekly shop and I am unloading copious amounts of fruit and fish onto the counter, I will wait patiently for the inevitable question:  ''Do you need any bags?'' 

Then, dear readers, I will pause for a moment or two for dramatic effect before replying, ''No thanks - it's fine! I can easily juggle all of this home with my bare hands, thank you!''

And then, with a demonstration of extraordinary dexterity, I'll prove it.

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Glen said...

I can see clearly now!!!!!