Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wilko Johnson

We saw a very entertaining show by the legendary Wilko Johnson in Shildon last night.

A full report will follow. Meanwhile, here's a couple of teaser photos to be going on with.

That's Norman Watt-Roy on Bass and Dylan Howe on the drums (two Blockheads!)


Anonymous said...

3 Blockheads! Don't forget Wilko was a Blockhead too!

Sean Marsh said...

Indeed he was! But Dylan and Norman are current Blockheads, so there is a distinction.

I was going to explain that a little more in the full review, which will follow soon.

Anonymous said...

Dylan has left the Blockheads too so Norman is the only current Blockhead, although admittedly Dylan left a lot more recently than Wilko and Dylan was a Blockhead a lot longer.

Thanks so much for publishing the photos and really looking forward to reading the review. I'm sure it will be a good one if Wilko's other concerts are anything to go by and any mention of the titles of any of the songs performed would be greatly appreciated.

Good stuff!