Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Of Scarborough

I had a little bit of time between the sessions of the Scarborough Literature Festival so I took a few strolls and some snaps of the busy coastal town.

The original lighthouse was severely damaged by a
German bombardment during The Great War .
Repairs took some time and it wasn't reopened until 1931.

The fishing industry has long been an
important part of Scarborough life.

This was here long before it became trendy
to know what the TARDIS looks like.

The olde worlde organ kept shoppers
entertained on the Saturday.

The sun was out after a couple of colder days
and it brought plenty of people to the beach.

Time travellers.

Parts of the Scarborough Castle tower above the bay.
The first castle dates back to 1136.

Scarborough lights up as the evening draws in.

Goodnight, Scarborough.

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