Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Archive Update

Lots of UNCUT! columns have been added to the archive (dating back to 2001 and 2002). Steve Henderson is doing an excellent job of helping me transfer the columns across. The UNCUT!s stopped at number 60 so there are plenty still to come. Then there will be 24 issues of book reviews to add, plus a mountain of junior news, reports, games etc to archive.

Expect some brand new content very soon, dear readers!


julie gray said...

Very good work Dr Chess ! x x x

TheHawk said...


I failed to store your new address before the forum dematerialized :(

Send me an email sometime.

Also think the information in Uncut2 is erroneous...

I don't rememeber ever having Doctor Chess in even a trickle of trouble.

Bishopbasher said...

Well done on entering the digital age Mr Marsh! I see you have a link to CHESS NE1, though you have yet to grace it with your presence? I hope to see you there soon.
I also look forward to reading your new material as and when you release it.
Always a good read.